Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching Certificate of Completion consists of three classes that can be taken in any sequence. These classes provide knowledge and skills essential to effective coaching, like communication, leadership, and other tools and techniques that create positive change within the organization.

With each class, you will simultaneously complete a one-credit hour internship relevant to the coaching skills you're learning. The integration of the course content with the real-time internship experience is a unique feature of the certificate program, designed in collaboration with Bellevue University to enhance your career.

There are 12 total semester-credit hours required for the Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching.

This is a standalone program or it can be selected as a concentration for two of the Bellevue University masters programs. The Executive Coaching Program can be selected as a concentration of the Master of Business Administration (MBA), or as a concentration in the 36-credit hour Master of Arts in Managerial Communication.